Innovation #3

Multi-Purpose Floor-Mounted Pathway Solution for
JR Automation

Need a multi-purpose pathway solution in areas where space is at a premium? The Elevated Floor Bracket saves labor, cost and space by maximizing the space UNDER your floor-mounted ladder tray.

“Given the limited space we have in and around our cells, our integrators were looking for a pathway that combined power distribution along with gas and air lines. MonoSystems designed an elevated ladder tray that ran along the floor with room below for the additional lines. This eliminated tripping hazards around cells and saved us on the additional labor of building out separate pathways.”

— Mike Suskey, JR Automation,¬†Controls Manager

  • Allows room for air, water and¬†gas lines
  • Avoid tripping hazards
  • Easy installation
  • Ships with hold-down clamps pre-installed
  • Consolidates various types of pathways
  • Eliminates tripping hazards


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