Solution #1

Walkable Raceway for Hunt Electric

Hunt Electric needed a safe, low-cost and low profile pathway for areas where standard ladder trays create clearance problems—such as around conveyors and body/paint shop turntables. In response, we developed the Walkable Raceway, which incorporates non-slip paint with a diamond plate tread that keeps employees and cabling safe and secure.

“Our installers told us they needed a cable pathway that maintained a lower profile than a standard ladder tray due to clearance issues… MonoSystems quickly developed a safe, durable, diamond-plated Walkable Raceway that was cost-effective and easy to install.”

— Eric Whiteman, Project Manager, Hunt Electric Corporation

  • Very low clearance – only 1¾” high
  • Use where standard ladder trays simply won’t fit
  • Comes standard in safety yellow
  • Non-slip; diamond plate treat

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